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  • When hands are present, dryer automatically activates, delivering average air velocity of 5300 linear feet per minute
  • With no buttons to push, the No Touch Series offers improved sanitation
  • Dryer automatically shuts off when hands are removed, providing electrical cost savings
  • Contemporary, sleek style complements modern washroom decor
  • Available in 6 units: Standard No Touch; Foodservice No Touch; and Clinic No Touch (see panel fronts below), all in surface or recessed mount
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  • 5 year limited parts warranty standard
  • 5 year sensor warranty standard
  • 10 year limited parts warranty available
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  • Cover construction of .08" thick diecast zinc for durability and vandal resistance
  • Exposed areas are chrome plated or covered with a white chip-resistant epoxy finish for durability
  • Tamper resistant screws lock cover securely to base
  • All internal parts are plated with corrosion-resistant material
(Back to top) MECHANISMS
  • No Touch dryers use reflective infrared sensors to detect hands, initiate and terminate drying
  • Shaded pole (brushless) motor with factory lubricated, self-aligning bearings operating at 1/10 HP and 3200 RPM, delivering 5300 LFM average air velocity
  No Touch hand dryer shall be manufactured by World Dryer to include cover of diecast zinc alloy .08 inch thick. Cover to be finished with chrome plating or white epoxy paint. Motor shall be shaded pole (brushless) type operating at 3200 RPM at 60Hz at rated load. Dryer shall deliver 5300 linear feet of air per minute (LFM). Dryer shall be activated by means of an infrared emitting/receiving electronic control device. Recessed units shall include a 16-gauge steel wall-mounting box. Hand dryer shall be listed under re-examination service of Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. and certified by the Canadian Standards Association.
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NO TOUCH SERIES Electrical Characteristics
Surface Models
No Touch Food Service Clinic Volts Amps Watts Hz
NT126 FS126 NC126 120 17 2000 60
NT216 FS216 NC216 208 10 2000 60
NT246 FS246 NC246 240 8.5 2000 60
NT235 FS235 NC235 230 8 1800 50*
Recessed Models
No Touch Food Service Clinic Volts Amps Watts Hz
NR126 FR126 CR126 120 17 2000 60
NR216 FR216 CR216 208 10 2000 60
NR246 FR246 CR246 240 8.5 2000 60
NR235 FR235 CR235 230 8 1800 50*
*50Hz units available for Export Markets only.
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NO TOUCH SERIES Size and weight specifications
  Outer Dimensions Shipping Weight
Surface Models 10 29/32" W x 11 5/8" H x 7" D (277mm x 295mm x 178mm) 24 Lbs.
Recessed Models 12 3/4" W x 13 1/2" H x 5" D (324mm x 343mm x 127mm) 30 Lbs.
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