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  • The light weight steel cover with the classic look of World
  • Models DA and DXA5 provide the economy of steel for lighter traffic areas
  • Available in push button and automatic
  • Warranty backed by convenient nationwide parts and service network
  • The unit weighs only 18 Ibs and provides dependable performance and reliable operation
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  • 10 year limited parts warranty
  • 5 year sensor warranty
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  • Cover construction of .08" (2mm) thick cold rolled drawn steel
  • Exposed areas are appliance grade baked epoxy enamel for durability
  • Two tamper-resistant screws lock cover securely to base
  • Internal parts are plated with corrosion-resistant material
  • Tamper resistant air intake grill of 304 stainless steel
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  • Motor is a universal type open frame 1/10 HP, 6900 RPM at rated load with resilient mountings, ball bearing construction and dynamic balanced rotor
  • Heating element mounted at air exit for maximum heating efficiency
  • Electro-mechanical timer (Model DA-push button) operates dryer for 30 or 40 seconds with push button activation. Switch 25 Amp rating
  • Reflective infrared sensor (Model DXA5-automatic) detects hands, initiates and terminates drying automatically. 100 seconds vandal defeat circuit
  Hand dryers shall be manufactured by World Dryer to include a 2mm thick drawn steel cover with a baked epoxy enamel finish. Motor shall be of the universal type, open frame, 1/10 HP at 6900 RPM. Dryer shall deliver 6900 linear feet per minute (LFM). Model DA shall be activated by means of a push button control device. Timer shall be electro-mechanical with 25 Amp switch. Model DXA5 shall be operated by means of a reflective infrared sensor. Hand dryers shall be listed under the re-examination service of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., and approved by the Canadian Standards Association
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Electrical Characteristics
Push Button Models Electrical Characteristics
Revolving Nozzle Fixed Nozzle Drying Cycle Volts Amps Watts Hz
DA DA5 30 Sec. 115 20 2300 60
DA1 DA51 40 Sec. 115 20 2300 60
DA2 DA52 40 Sec. 115 15 1725 60
DA3 DA53 30 Sec. 208 11 2300 60
DA4 DA54 30 Sec. 230 10 2300 60
DA7 DA57 30 Sec. 277 8.5 2300 60
DA48 DA548 30 Sec. 230 10 2300 50*
*50Hz units available for Export Markets only.
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Electrical Characteristics
Automatic Models Electrical Characteristics
Fixed Nozzle Drying cycle Volts Amps Watts Hz
DXA5 Auto 115 20 2300 60
DXA52 Auto 115 15 1725 60
DXA53 Auto 208 11 2300 60
DXA54 Auto 230 10 2300 60
DXA57 Auto 277 8.5 2300 60
DXA548 Auto 230 10 2300 50*
*50Hz units available for Export Markets only.
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Size and weight specifications
Series Outer Dimensions
(incl. nozzle)
Shipping Weight
Model DA 11 3/8" W x 9 5/8" H x 8 1/8" D (289mm x 244mm x 206mm) 18 Lbs.
Model DA5 11 3/8" W x 9 5/8" H x 8 1/8" D (289mm x 244mm x 206mm) 18 Lbs.
Model DXA5 11 3/8" W x 9 5/8" H x 8 1/8" D (289mm x 244mm x 206mm) 18 Lbs.
(Back to top) COLOR CHART
  Optional highly polishes or brushed stainless steel covers can be ordered as an alternative to the standarc covers by sepcifying:  
  Cover #972 - polished #973 Brushed  
  Also available in recessed version utilizing stainless steel recessed kit.  
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